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Film: 'Able'
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Stotler/Robert Film in World Market: 'Able'

Short Summary

Terrified Berliners struggle to survive each other and their own failing bodies during a sudden epidemic of progressive paralysis.


A fast-spreading epidemic of progressive paralysis has stricken Berlin, killing most of the city's inhabitants in a matter of days.

Trapped within their own bodies, the paralysis spreading from limb to limb, the remaining survivors are isolated and dying--except for a few.

Those few who can still walk may be more deadly than the epidemic itself.

Benny Berg seeks to save his father, Ivo. Partially crippled Katrin is stalked by someone who wants to kill her--or worse. Almost incapacitated, Marieke drowns herself. Meat cleaver in hand, Niko grows increasingly frustrated with her "dead" limbs. Rudi suddenly finds Berlin ripe for the taking. Pastor Bernhard preaches to a spastic flock of parishioners. And Captain Hofler firmly believes the military is coming--but to incinerate everyone.

Able delivers unspeakable acts of violence, sexual deviance, and human madness in a gritty, stylized take on the survival horror subgenre.


When you can't run, you can't hide.






75 minutes

Who is this film for?

Audiences for this film range from the casual consumer of thrillers (18 to 50 m/f) to the more selective yet vocal horror film fan base (18 to 35 m). A strong running social commentary interspersed throughout makes this suitable also for arthouse patrons (30 to 45 m/f) that seek transgressive films.



Written & Directed By


Marc Robert

Based on a Story By


Will Stotler & Marc Robert

Cinematography, Editing & Sound


Will Stotler

Produced By


Will Stotler & Marc Robert


Benny Berg


Michael Pink

Katrin Hüller


Maike Möller



Alexander Gregor



Sabine Krause

Pastor Bernhard


Julia Kratz



Jenny Kirschblum

Captain Hofler


Christian Wewerka

Ivo Berg


Johnny Melville

Dr. Völlmer


Stephen Patrick Hanna

Muriam Berg


Ulrike Lodwig

Mrs. Drüss


Christa Azzola

Tracksuit Girl


Maike Klingspohn

Marieke's Boyfriend


Karsten Mielke

Schiller Boy


Nathan Babet

Völlmer Victim


Kate Ehrhardt

Gas Mask Man


Mark Painter

Afghan Girl in Photo


Laura E. Mohre

Emergency Message Broadcaster


Fabian Ifland


Ashley Brandt, Kristal Burtrum, Niti Dhingra, Jan Fridel, Sarah Jost, Rex Joswig, Jason Kennedy, Katarina Kilian, Anna-Lucia Lanto, Julie Shipley, Jurgen Siemonsma


Production Manager


Katie Griggs

Makeup & Effects


Luizamelania Heine

Blood Motion Effects


Will McNeice



Kate Ehrhardt

Props & Sets


Will McNeice

Set Dressing


Kate Ehrhardt
Jess Frith
Katherine O'Brien

Lighting & On-Set Sound


Nathan Babet
Kate Ehrhardt
Jess Frith
Katie Griggs
Katherine O'Brien
Dechen Roder

On-Set Still Photography


Carsten Whimster
Will Stotler

Filmed on location in Berlin, Germany.

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