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About Stotler/Robert Film

A Beginning

Marc Robert and Will Stotler, both avid watchers of strange cinema, were dismayed with the current state of "fantastic" film. Sensing an opportunity as HD filmmaking has matured, both agreed they would leverage their skills to develop and get films to market.


Marc Robert and Will Stotler bring almost twenty years of combined experience to the Stotler/Robert Film venture. Their experience is complementary, yet joins in critical areas.

Marc Robert - Since 2000, Mr. Robert has been a writer, screenwriter, and director. Screenwriter and Director for The Sangreal (2004) and The Djinn SETI (2001). Co-writer for The Bear Behind the Wall with Michelle Yuni Cho (2006). Screenwriter for Sandoval (2005). Writer of "Erzählungenlied," published in The Kenyon Review (2005) and "Two Doors," published in Salt Hill (2002). Mr. Robert is also a partner in Haruspex.

Will Stotler - Since 1997, Mr. Stotler has been a professional consultant engaged in business development, marketing, and creative technical development for the pharmaceutical, banking, biotechnology, and government sectors. Writer of The Final Diary Entry of Kees Huijgens (1995) and "Letter from Will Stotler, Dated October 32nd" published in 100 Tiny Tales of Terror (1996).

Stotler/Robert Film Operating Guidelines

(1) Work within genre constraints to ensure salability.

(2) Twist genre conventions to ensure uniqueness.

(3) Keep content on the edge of cultural acceptability.

(4) Eliminate all possible third-party investing and its overhead.

(5) Make films existing genre audiences don't want to miss.

(6) Make films that are easy purchases for the film market.

(7) As films are sold promptly pay any deferrals.

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